# Nmap

# References

# Examples of commands

Host discovery scan (basic with ping):

nmap -sn
nmap -sP

Scan all ports, TCP SYN, default script, service/version info with fast timing and output in all format:

sudo nmap -p- -sSCV -T4 -oA

1000 most common ports with TCP CONNECT method:

$ nmap -sT

OS Fingerprinting:

# sudo nmap -O

Aggressive scan (This enables OS detection (-O), version scanning (-sV), script scanning (-sC) and traceroute (--traceroute)):

$ nmap -A

Deep scan (all ports, -v to show open port directly when found)

$ nmap -v -p- -sT

Top 1000 ports for an UDP scan:

$ sudo nmap -sU --top-ports 1000 -T4 -oA -v