# About

# The Hacking Tool Trove 👑🌴🦜

This website can definitely help you during your penetration test, technical security audit, PWK/OSCP Lab or exam, CTF, challenge, training, etc. by providing tools cheat sheets, tools command examples, tools references, etc.

The idea is to not reinvent the wheel with a nth cheat sheet hacking wiki, there is already:

So THTT (The Hacking Tool Trove) will focus on providing TL;DR manual pages and reviews for hacking tools.

What THTT will help you do:

  • Find examples of command for hacking tools
  • Find resources associated with a hacking tool
  • Find hacking tools associated with a keyword (eg. ssh, smb, java)

What THTT will NOT help you do:

  • Find payloads
  • Find methodologies to hack XYZ port, service or protocol
  • Efficiently find hacking tools (use Rawsec Inventory) instead
  • Find exploits
  • Find tutorials

Made by noraj.